November 12, 2015

How to Solve Problems with Your Metal Roll Forming Machine

The metal roll forming machine, productive forming machine hardware, is well known due to its economical cost and incredible execution. Be that as it may, the metal roll forming machine will vibrate when it is working. In spite of the fact that the tremendous machine will vibrate unavoidably when working and numerous machine may vibrate on account the effect of power plants such as electromotor.

How to Solve Problems with Your Metal Roll Forming Machine

How to Solve Problems with Your Metal Roll Forming Machine

Step 1: Be aware that a metal roll forming machine forms the materials with shock energy

During the operation, rotor spins quickly under the drive of motor, and then, the materials are conveyed to the area of roll forming part from the rolling rolls to be formed again. This progress circle will continue for many times.

Step 2: Make sure that the place to equip a metal roll forming machine is quite proper and that the materials are not too large.

Many reasons cause the vibration. The ground where move shaping machine value put is not even or the materials going to be move framed are too expensive. Also, adding a few lubricants to the parts so that the machine could move all the more fluidly.

Step 3 Know how to clear certain issues

Other than the vibration of the metal move framing machine, there are other regular issues. In some cases, the low pressure will alarm. At the point when that happens, you ought to do the accompanying things to clear the notice.

First, check whether there are foreign materials in the molds.
Second, check the low pressure setting situation acheter viagra whether it’s proper or not.
Thirdly, check whether the mold adjusting distance is proper or not.
At last, check whether the operating order of the machine is right or not. After checking all the items can you clear the warning.

Step 4 Check whether the top or end limited temperature setting of the roll forming machine are set right

The abnormal temperature of the metal roll forming machine is another common issue. Then, checking the galvanic couple is also important. The loosen or damaged galvanic couple will cause the abnormal temperature. In addition, to check whether the heater is short out or burnt up.

Step 5 Check whether the circulation time is set too short or not.

Inspect all the operation of every circle of whether somewhere is stuck and ensure the setting of pressure and current is proper. The longer circulation of machine operation is another problem of metal roll forming machines.

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