JCH-475 roll forming machine

Product Introduction

JCH is a kind of processing technology, which meaning is flat rolled into a variety of different folding process. Through make the color steel rolled into a variety of different types of fold,and it’s increased the plate in the bearing capacity of the plane. JCH  roll forming machine adopt Taiwan Delta DVP14ES host computer, electronic control system using a text display. This equipment adopts the high level automatic control software, the realization of information management system of production. It’s easy operation,and easy learn. It’s also has a simple operation,easy to maintenance and debugging machinery, has the mold easy replacement advantages.

Detail Specifications

1.Raw Materials Request

1. Texture Colored Steel plate,

Galvanized Board,

Aluminum Plate

2. Width
3. Thickness 0.3-0.8

2.The Host Quality Requirements:

1. Color According to customer requirements
2. Appearance size


7.8mm*1.45mm*1.5mm Excluding the console
3. Weight


4. Rows of rollers 16 rows
5. Rolling material 45# steel,roller surfaces polishing, hard plating
6. Diameter of shaft ¢70mm
7. Mid-Panel 16 mm
8. Machine frame


400H steel
9. Total power 3.7KW

3.Turn/Cut/Console Quality Requirements

1. Productivity 25m/min
2. Cut Mode Hydraulic forming after cutting off
3. Cutter material Cr12 Heat Treatment Thick, high wear-resisting knife plate
4. Electronic control


PLC, Touch Screen,

Encoding counter

Finished Product

760-820 JCH

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