Leveling machine for leveling sheet metal

Product Introduction

Leveling machine is commonly used in sheet metal processing equipment, stereotypes leveler mainly depends on the thickness, material and requires correction strip. The thicker the material required for structural rigidity to the better, the fewer the number of rolls, roll through the larger, the greater the power (certain width), and vice versa.

Leveling sheet metal machine is mainly used to correct various sheet specifications sheet and cut into blocks. The machine can be applied to a variety of cold, hot-rolled plate leveler. Because of its easy operation, simple range of applications across many industries machinery, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, electronics, power, light industry, particularly in shipbuilding, locomotives, boilers, bridges, factories and other industries metal structure has become an indispensable production essential products.

Detail part of machine

leveling machinery Leveling machine

Leveling machine (1) PLC controler





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