January 4, 2016


Roll forming is a process in which the shape of a metal panel is developed by gradually bending the metal through a series of roll stands or passes. Each stand must generate the appropriate amount of deformation for which it was designed. In general, the level of deformation in each support is not constant due to adjustments for recovery and preservation elastic dimension. Since the tool is designed to control the external dimensions of a panel profiling they are generally designed to work in excess of the metal in specific positions. The problems in the system or form design tools that may exist if the materials have to be overworked in the stand / tools other than those for overwork. Therefore, when roll-forming problems occur, it is important to examine each stage of the process, not only the position in which the problem first appears.

Furthermore, a roll forming machine bends https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/viagra-100mg/ the metal at room temperature ensuring that you have a roll seems perfect. By feeding the material to roll, the material travels through a set of acheter viagra pfizer news rollers that bend.

Roll forming machines are ideal when you want to create precise parts that require little or no finishing work.



One of the main parameters that define the success of a roll-forming operation is the nature of the material. In order to design the optimal process, tooling designer must be provided with material information to be use prior to

the tooling designing. This includes the range of mechanical material property, guage tolerances and shape tolerances. Furthermore, different metallic coatings (hot dip galvanized or Galvalume coated steel sheet), organic coatings or paint result in differences in performance, even with the same set of tools because of their different frictional characteristics.

The designer requires a clear understanding of the size tolerance provided. Ideally, a more robust operating window can be achieved if the range of tolerance for designer tools are provided. The designer usually design tools for heavier gauge. Sort the tooling to a full ASTM tolerance to receive materials with an average or standard tolerance quarter will produce an ancient scroll with a less robust operating window that a designer or manufacturer of panels planned.


Factors to consider when making the purchase


For you to buy the right machine must consider several factors:

Features: should consider the features that make it easy for you to operate the machine. One of the main features to consider is that the gears. Here you need to know if you need a machine with gears coupled or inactive.


Flexibility: How flexible is the roll making machine? As a general rule you should go with the most flexible machine on the market.

To purchase more flexible machine you must take into account a number of features such as side supports, cassette system, hydraulic control shaft support shafts and shaft support rolls.




This is what you need to know about Roll Forming machines. You should be aware that most modern machines come with computer-aided designs tools. By incorporating CAD / CAM in the drawing machines, the machines are able to function to their full potential which gives perfect results in no time.

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